Saturday, June 15, 2013

We Snapped: Week 4

Oh shut it!  You know I'm always late to the party!  There was shit to do!  Quityourbitchin'!

Here's my entries:

Tree Magic:
Taken at The City Park today while the OC played in the water
honed her world dictator skills by water-blasting the little boy who stole
 the bucket she'd stolen from some other little kid.

Oregon Trail historical marker near The Queen's house.  While my ancestors actually traveled West on the Mormon trail, I imagine the experience was very similar.

Nature Clutter:
I thought this was just such a beautiful view.
Just the right amount of 'clutter'.
(Though I'd love to photoshop the car out of it...
asshole had to mess up a perfectly good picture!)
I'm a sucker for old churches.  If I didn't think I'd be struck by lightening I'd buy an
old church and make it my 'castle'.

Stay tuned for next weeks words.  the Queen informed me it's my turn to pick the words.  I'll get right on that, but I'm not up for hosting so you'll have to track done next weeks host(ess) via the Royal Blogs.

If you haven't linked up for this week, you can jump on over to The Dutch's place and get in your last minute submission.


  1. Loved the two pics I could see. I could not see the church or the Oregon Trail one. Poo. The tree pic makes me have vertigo but I love love it!

    1. I love these pictures today.. and I loved it when OC ran to the water machine gun and blasted the kid that stole the bucket she stole... That's MY gene pool shining through right there.. I taught her THAT move.. he he..
      I can see the Oregon trail. not the church..

  2. No Oregon trail, and no church...but I love the picture in my head of the OC blasting the shit outta the kid that stole the bucket she stole. lol Thanks for playing, dear niece.

  3. It's a blogger glitch because I came back to fix the church (which was messed up for everyone including me) and now my church is showing but not my Oregon Trail. No worries though... the other two pics were way better than the two that are missing.

    1. I still see them all but the church. maybe someone is trying to tell me something.

  4. I don't see the church either. Glad I read the comments or I might have assumed I had crossed over to the dark side completely ;)

    Love the tree one and that fountain is gorgeous!!

    And can I just say I'm glad I'm not the only one who is late...ask Mr. H.O.W. - I was 30 minutes late to our wedding ROFLMAO


    1. Wheels, you should of been there.. OC marched her lily white ass up to that fountain in the city park and jumped in.. played like she owned it and it was her own private swimming pool. I love that kid.