Saturday, June 1, 2013


Who here know what this is a picture of?

If you guessed the mounds and mounds of school work we collected over the course of the Kindergarten year, you would be right.  So the mission for this weekend is to tackle (and *gasp* dispose of) most of this before the O.C. returns from her Princess Training Adventure (I shit you not, she's at Princess Day Camp!). So yeah.  I confess, I'm a borderline hoarder.  It's a genetic thing.  But all it really takes is watching one episode of hoarders to make me realize 1) I'm not even close to a hoarder and 2) I should really purge some shit because I would DIE if I really became one!

Thankfully, Mr. Sunshine is extremely supportive when it comes to my ailment.  These neatly stacked piles of organized papers are mostly his doing.  When I asked what I should keep his answer was "Anything that makes you smile".  Yeah... he's a keeper!

At first I thought, "Shit!  Everything she does makes me smile!" and then I remembered the first time she drew an anatomically correct family portrait.  I was wrong.  Somehow the 135 sheets of Saxon phonics and Saxon math do not really 'move' me.  Well hell, that's half the papers right there.  PROGRESS!!

Anyhow.  The whole reason I'm writing this is because I did stumble on a stack of real jewels in all this standardized worksheet bullshit.  It's in the sentence writing pile where they wrote sentences to go with their pictures.  So I want to share a few O.C.isms with you.

I hope these little gems of brilliance have brightened your day as much as they have mine.  My vacation (aka lay-off status) is winding to a close so don't be surprised if the posts become a bit more sparse for a bit until we find some sort of 'routine' we've so desperately been striving for the past six years..  There's still a house to get in order, summer studies for the O.C., a garden to maintain, new kitties to love, and plenty of sunshine to soak up.  On the plus side, I did manage to get that stack of papers weeded down to one 1" binder plus some large art items to hang!  Now all I need is for Mr. Sunshine to get home and trash the 'junk' pile because I just don't have the heart to do it myself.

What?  No one said a world dictator couldn't fall madly in love with everything their only child (and future heir to the world) has ever touched!  That's why I have minions.  They throw away the stupid shit when I can't do it!  Now shut up or I'll sic my pet hamster on your favorite shoes!


  1. Unless you have hauled a fanny pack of gravel/rocks through two states and 6 moves.. you have not perfected the CAN'T TOSS IT SHE TOUCHED IT.. yet..

  2. "I think I have eaten quail meat before" hahahahah. Love that kid!

  3. Hilarious! Aren't memories fun! Just a mom kept everything and just gave it to me last year. I had fun going through it and laughed my ass off.