Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Censorship Really PISSES ME OFF!

This is something you as a reader should really take to heart.

I totally get censoring 'age appropriate' or in some cases 'downright offensive' material (i.e. Lil' Sunshine cannot watch Showtime at 2AM on a Saturday and if you're a racist bigot you probably deserve a little censoring to keep someone from shooting you).  But I abhor censorship based solely on your dislike for the content or opinion that it states.

So if you REALLY REALLY want to get my goat... try to censor me!

I'm generally a logical, well-rounded, open-minded person.  I can usually see both sides of every story.  I'm a mediator (Can't we all just get along?) by nature!  So having my opinions squashed completely pushes me right to the edge of my temper.

That being said, I'm still generally pretty good at keeping my cool about things.

However, if you really want to see me jump right off that 'calm and content' ledge... CENSOR THE TRUTH!  It's one thing to censor my opinion because you don't like it... it's another entirely to censor my FACTS because they don't play into your story!


However, since the top of the world is cold and covered in ice (not really a top priority on my World Domination list in case you wanted to know where you could hide) I'll settle for screaming my TRUTH from here!

I've supported you from your early days of blogging.
I brought you into MY blog family because I liked you that much.
I've stuck up for you, been your buddy, and had a blast with you.
YOU CHOSE to defriend me through no fault of my own.

What was my crime?
I knew someone you don't like now.
Okay... more specifically...
I'm related to someone you apparently don't like now!!

Now there are many a person in my life who will tell you straight up that I am my own person.  You don't have to like my friends, you don't have to like my family, and as long as you aren't expecting to sit down at my dinner table you aren't even required to be nice to my family in order to be my friend!  Hell, I don't even like half my family!!  The only thing I ask of people is that they NOT put me in the middle.  Because IF you do bring your grief to my dinner table... family wins (even if it's family I hate)!  End of discussion!

So the TRUTH is YOU are punishing ME for being born?
Like I need that kind of friendship?
I think NOT!

I have no idea how many people YOU CHOSE to defriend today because of their association with the person you are unhappy with.  HOWEVER, I do know that at least THREE of those people are the most easy-going, middle-ground, stay-out-of-the-argument people on the planet.  Which means, YOU CHOSE to wash your hands of THREE people who would have continued to be good friends to you regardless of the problem.

YOU CHOSE to lose your friends.

The TRUTH is, I'm too busy to coddle you or get in the middle of it.  I do not care!  I would have gone to bed, left you to your pity party and never given you another thought... except... you felt the need to censor the FACTS!

So here... where you CANNOT censor me... I will state my facts:

This is the comment I left for Crazy Daze & Nite Dreams on November 28th, 2012 at 9:07 PM.  She CHOSE to delete it for whatever reason (I assume because it doesn't fit into her story):
Awww... let me tell you about my life right now...
Last Thursday I hosted my in-laws, nieces and mother for the one holiday a year I have in my house. Friday and Saturday I was up all night with the girls bi-annual sleepover weekend. Sunday, I cleaned up after the little girl/Holiday hurricane and got everyone ready for the work/school week ahead. Monday I put in a 10+ hour day hosting free family photos at one of three schools I'm currently working at. Tuesday, I went to a meeting on 3 hours of sleep and drove to all three schools in the same day (125 miles) only to find my main office is now short staffed for the next couple weeks. Today I put in a 12 hour day hosting another activity for parents. The rest of the week my spare time will be spent trying to get the family photos edited and printed. Sunday we will go see Santa, Monday is my daughter's first ever school concert, Tuesday I'm taking photos for ten more families, Wednesday I have another family activity. After that I hope to get more photos printed before I start training a new employee to take over one of the two jobs I am currently trying to juggle for one salary. Eventually I might have time to put up the Christmas tree for my family and do some Christmas shopping.
SOOOOO... when I came home from work today to hear, "You lost a friend," it got *raised eyebrow* + *shrug* + "Okay." I have never done anything but be kind and supportive of you. And anyone who decides to defriend an entire lot of people simply by their association to other people... is A) not a friend to start with, B) not a friend I need in my life, and C) not worthy of those friends she had. 
And that's my opinion BEFORE I go ask what actually happened! Because I haven't even read a blog in ages, let alone had time to keep up with the local gossip! 
So whatever it is... GET OVER IT! I don't do pity parties! 
NOW... as I said... GET OVER IT!!  There are very few true VICTIMS in this world... YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM!!  You are a whiny, pity-seeking, needy, over-bearing, poor-me, boo-hoo, sob-story, DRAMA-QUEEN who only did this to get a little more attention.*

And while I abhor the idea that this post might in some way enable your desperate need for that attention... never in my life has anyone FORCED me to shut up.  It would be a great dishonor to many people far better than you, if I let your little click of the mouse be the one time I let the truth be silent!

*This is my personal opinion based on the facts that have been laid before me and my own personal knowledge and experience with this person.  I am in no way an expert judge of character and I do not presume to have psychic abilities and therefore I cannot be 100% certain of this person's motives or true nature.


  1. I am pissing my pants.. while snorting an ice cube out my nose.. and that may not have been a fart!

    1. Sorry... forgot the "Depends Required" disclaimer. Good thing there's a laundry matt near by.

  2. Well said sweetie. I too was unfriended, but I'm in the "I don't give a rat's ass" category. I have no time for whiners, ass lickers, or assholes that only want the truth when it fits their twisted agenda. And? Silly idiot, if she really was a good friend, she would have known deleting your comment would piss you off. I'm off to wander the castle. I know I left a stash of emergency asshole brownies around here somewhere

    1. You'd think she'd have known better. The only thing I hate worse than people censoring me, is Aunts who stash brownies and don't share ;)

  3. I love the disclaimer at the end.
    It was a great finish to a great post.
    I so miss your straight forward, take no shit writing!

    1. I love when I have a topic I can be straight forward about. Thus the reason you so rarely see my writing these days. I love my brutal honestly much more than something made up and forced. Alas, I have far too little drama in my life to be brutal these days. Oh the tragic life of a non-teenage, non-drama-queen. *sigh*

  4. DISCLAIMER ROCKS!! I love that you shouted from the rooftops and did it for your own reason and stated that .... not to give her the attention she thinks she deserves.


    1. I must say that my neighbors are not nearly as impressed. Something about me standing on the rooftop, naked, in the middle of the night, screaming some rant about how I will not be made to SHUT UP! I think they may have called the cops. I call chicken shit on that! If they were REAL people, they'd have broke out the pitchforks and torches. Pft... pussies!

  5. Dazee asked Nikki to ask me to ask you to stop.

    Since I'm past the age where I attend the spring fling at school, I WANTED TO SAY, well, you know what I wanted to say.. instead..

    I didn't censor her as a child, I will not censor her as an adult ..

    I promised her as a child, "you give me the first 18 years to help you build a foundation, I'll back you the rest of your life". Since you did, I am.

    Later Honey..

    1. *head scratch* I'm thinking about how I'm trying to teach Lil Sunshine not to believe some things unless she hears it straight from that person and how if you have something to say, say it directly to them. What example would I be setting if I listened to your rumors?

      But that issue aside (because I can always use the do as I say line) I'm not sure what I should stop doing.

      Stop taking my issue directly to the person I had a problem with? I HAD to stop that because she kept deleting my comments.
      Stop writing a single loud personal opinion on my own personal blog with a link to a non-existant blog post? Unlike some, I do not retract my posts, especially when the topic is dear to my heart.
      Stop having a blog? Not a chance. I have seniority. If she doesn't like it she can pack up HER blog and head for the hills.
      Stop having an opinion? I'm sorry... that will happen when I'm dead and gone.

      She's going to have to step up to the plate and tell me what inappropriate and offensive behavior she thinks I should consider stopping. Because other than this post and comments to my own readers I can't really see that she has anything to be upset about.

      If I had set out to enable her victim status I would keep her up all night leaving her nasty comments... but frankly, not worth my time. Best part is I have gone most of the day without thinking about her or popping on here to see what has been said. And I will probably continue to do so from here on out because... I still don't care!!