Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Little Late But You Knew I'd Snap!

I'm gonna give you the quick and easy version with no frills or elaborate explanations.
Am I sick?
It's just that the laundry monster has escaped and I think it has eaten the O.C. or in the very least a few of her toys.  So I'm off the slay the beast and conquer the lands of Closetonia and Wheresmyfloria.

So here they are!

Chalk + Me + Bare Sidewalks = BLISS!
No!  She's not running away from home (she hasn't thought of that one yet).
She's picking up candy from the Fourth of July parade.

FORGOTTEN... utterly fabulous I look with short hair!
Who's idea was it to try and grow this shit out again?
Because it would be fun to braid?  NOT! It's always in a ponytail.
You may now place your bets on how long before I chop
it all off again!  Ironically, I'm torn on the subject.
On one hand... DAMN that's cute!
On the other... I worked my ass off to get it long again.
On yet another... summers reach 104 for weeks on end here.
Oh... and YES... I'm a bit of a narcissist! Don't hate!
Look at the hair, not the boobs!
This was my 30th birthday!
This is my Highway Patrol look!
Nothing sexier than bathroom shots!
Fun with hair gel!
Man I clean up nice!

I was going to do an old baby-belly-in-the-mirror picture
but then I remembered how much I hated being pregnant
so you get a "No it's not emo, I just like art+makeup!"
picture instead.  circa 2007?  No.  It's  not Halloween.
 Okay, so the ending was a bit harsh.  If it's any consolation, I stopped going out in public like that ten years ago.  This was just a little photo shoot because baby sis thought she was 'the shit' with her Gothic makeup and lalalala... I had to show her it was so BLAH and even her OLD sister could pull that shit off.  Okay, enough excuses!  I would totally go around with makeup like this all the time if society didn't expect me to be a proper upstanding citizen.  Totally true.  These would be the same 'stigmas' that keep me from buzz cutting my hair again or dying it purple one day and green the next.

You are all stiffling my greatness!

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PS.  Yeah, I totally lied about quick and easy version!  I'm never quick and easy!  Leave that to the sluts!


  1. Great shots! Once you achieve world domination, you can do away with the requirements for being an upstanding citizen!

    1. Trust me Aunt Dutch! Once I'm am a world dictator decorum will go out the window. People in suits and ties will be flogged for their insolence. I suggest buying stock in the local tattoo parlor and hair salon because their business will be booming when I start handing out government subsidies based on how artistic your appearance is.

  2. I love the highway patrol shot. And the pictures of OC at that 4th of July parade are some of my favorite shots of her. The only one I have that I like better is the year we were at the lake.

    Thanks for joining the party..

    1. Those 4th of July pics were all great but I love this one. As for my HP shot. I got those glasses free... they're hideous but fun!

  3. OMG! Your hair pictures had me rolling. I loved the highway patrol one, choked on my coffee! And as for short hair...I love the boob shot...of your cute!! Loved the little one's shadow pic. I think you are going to have some Norman Rockwell moments in your photo albums. Once again, you blew all of us out of the water!

    1. The HP hairdo is a mystery to me. After I started having my hair thin it developed this annoying wavy curl to it. That must have been an "I'm to lazy to break out the round brush and flat iron" day.

      As far as the boobs... optical illusion. I need one of those stickers they put on rear view mirrors because I'm soooo not endowed in that department. But it's one of my favorite hair styles.

      As far as 'blowing you out of the water'. The secret is I take about 40 pictures for every good picture I get. And I always crop and edit. If we were still in the day of film and pay-per-photo-to-develop, I'd be bankrupt.

      I loved everyone else's pictures!

  4. Whoa you made that?!?! I'm lucky to get a stick figure drawn and my son is already copying Van Gogh Starry Night in art class - so he didn't get it from me. ;-p

    And whew can you rock that short hair!! Great pictures - my favorite is your shadow shot. How adorable!

    ~Hell on Wheels

    1. I do have an artistic bone when the mood strikes me.

      My favorite haircut will always be my buzz-cut (no gel, no style, just a splash of water and out the door... plus the reduction in shampoo/conditioner/hairballs in the drain. But now that I'm older I'm afraid it would be viewed as a bit 'radical' and unprofessional. But I really do love my hair short. Can't remember why I wanted to grow it out. Must have been a very long drinking binge.

      Thank you :)

    2. I totally couldn't pull that off. I loved my hair when I chopped it from waist to chin (just left my exH at that time) - hubby claims he hated that look back then (we were just friends then) and likes my hair longer. I wear it with layers now so it can be down tousled or up out of my way. I'd hate to hear the bellyaching if I cut it on him - he pouts when the salon guy takes off 2 inches :p