Saturday, May 11, 2013

Comment Censorship

I think I've said before that I really hate censorship.

It is my personal opinion that censorship is a weapon of cowardice.  Religious groups attempt to censor material because they fear the way it challenges their beliefs. Politicians would love to censor certain records and information because they fear the way it would impact the public (or the views of their constituents).  Parents try to censor things because they fear how it will impact their children.

I've said many times, but I will say it again, there are reasonable situations that call for censorship.  Children should be censored from material that is not age-appropriate.  One should try to censor themselves within certain social situations (if only to avoid a beat-down).  And living in Kansas, you have no idea how much I'd love to have the Westboro Baptist Church censored on the basis of common human decency (though I fully support their right to voice those opinions at non-sacred events)!

However, censorship based solely on the fact that you do not like what another has to say is completely unacceptable.  It is an act of dominance and control used by wife-beaters and bullies to discourage those who might voice opposition to their actions.  It is an act of shame and cowardice when you are unwilling to allow another person to voice their own opinions.  It shows that you have little faith or conviction in your own beliefs, words, or actions and you cannot admit your own shortcomings.  Attempting to censor the words and opinions of another person, when they are doing no harm in speaking them, is 100% COWARDLY!

But have no fear my friends, I am not easily censored!  I have been known to tip my hat when I am out-witted, out-muscled, or flat-out wrong.  In this particular case, my opponent is not worthy of such a resignation.  So for anyone who is interested, I will keep this post updated complete with my own responses that the blog-owner is refusing to allow their readers to see.  If you care to follow the comments from the previous post, you may do so on her blog as they were pre-comment moderation.  In the event that she deletes those, I'll be happy to post a copy of them for your viewing pleasure.

Happy reading!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

You're So Vain..... I Bet You Think That Post Was About You

Guess What?   It Wasn't you.....Major Sunshine.  Nope,  it had nothing to do with you and your mother.  But heck, I've certainly enjoyed all the awful comments you made to me and my friends.  As I was told, a long time ago, don't talk to me, read me, or follow me.  I haven't.  You bloggers aren't worth my eyesight.  Too bad you can't follow your own rules. 

So in honor of your vainness, I dedicate this song to you and yours.

If you are smart enough, in place of "song", just insert "post"


  1. 1) If it wasn't about my family then you've answered my question, because you clearly repeat the exact same act 'fair-weather friendship' (right down to the minute details) over and over. So who'd you defriend on facebook this time? Oh, don't tell me, I already know :)

    2)I went back and read my comments and the only 'vulgar' thing I said was in reference to the incorrect implication that a certain word was used solely to repress women. Other than that, I thought it was a rather interesting banter on the topic of language. As a matter of face, very little of the comment section was even ABOUT YOU! And as far as 'aweful comments' go, I think anyone who reads that will take note that it was Mad Mind who was saying some pretty aweful things and I was simply replying with relatively civil decorum. I'll admit my post about you was vulgar, but if you come to MY blog and don't expect vulgarity, you should definitely read my new post about how I view vulgarity. It may become my new disclaimer!

    3) I also went back and checked my blog and my facebook history. I've never told you not to not talk to me, read me or follow me. Just as I don't defriend people who have different opinions than myself (or different friends) I don't try to dictate your freedom. There has also never been any message to me from you in that regard (not that I'd let you dictate my freedom either).

    4) Please make up your minds. Am I worthless, unhappy and suffer from low-self esteem. Or am I vain and arrogant? I'm starting to get confused about the impression I make and everyone knows how important it is to me that people view me in just the right light.

    Would it have been worth while,
    To have bitten off the matter with a smile,
    To have squeezed the universe into a ball
    To roll it toward some overwhelming question,
    To say: “I am Lazarus, come from the dead,
    Come back to tell you all, I shall tell you all”
    If one, settling a pillow by her head,
    Should say: “That is not what I meant at all;
    That is not it, at all.”

    - T.S. Eliot
  2. All I can say is this. The fact that you had to come back to this blog and see what is being said about you the perceived wrong tells me what I need to know about you.

    Insert comment that was not posted due to moderation:  (paraphrased)Major Sunshine:  I tend to notice when people mention my name.  I think we've already made it clear that you are not a good judge of character so whatever you think you know about me is of little importance to me.
  3. Since I did not mention your name, the same cannot be said for you. Obviously you did mention mine so my judge of character is much better than yours. I judge you to be a stalker.

    Insert comment that was not posted due to moderation:  (paraphrased)Major Sunshine:  So you won't post my comments but you will relay them.  Okay, I'll play your game.  Relay this:  Dazee mentioned my name in her post.  As far as your name, it has only come up in private conversation among friends who have been following this.  (I may have said something about only following this for the sake of entertainment).
  4. Ah...but you did mention my name and on this very blog. This tells me you cannot keep facts straight and, therefore, cannot keep the conversation on track.

    If you truly did not care about this conversation, you would not continue coming back to a blog you find so ridiculous. You remind of the crazy ex-girlfriend of my son't who damaged his car for over $2500 and burned his clothes in front of my house in the middle of the night. A true sociopath
    NOTE:  This comment was deleted.  I will not presume to know the reason why.

    Insert comment that was not posted due to moderation: (paraphrased)Major Sunshine:  ROTFLMAO!  I thought from your implication that you were implying I had mentioned your name outside the context of this conversation.  Yes, I mentioned that you had said some very nasty things and they are posted there for the whole world to read and judge for themselves.As far as me returning to this conversation... what part of cheap entertainment is so hard to understand.  It's FUN!  Plain and simple.And to give you an idea of how wrong your judgement is, I'm actually good friends with many of my exes  and some of their girlfriends/wives.  As a matter of fact, I went out of my way to contact the mother of a long-lost ex (whom I do despise) to return a quilt his grandmother had hand sewn when I found it in my long packed possessions.  Again, your judgement is off, but nice try.
  1. So let me get this straight. You think cheap entertainment is demeaning, name calling, insulting, and stalking others? The web world probably doesn't think too much of you right now either. It is obvious that if someone doesn't agree with you or follow your every whim, they have to pay for that.I am relatively secure in the knowledge that I am correct in my assumption of your personality.

    As for the ex comment, she is a stalker and cannot let anyone else have the last word. She blames everyone else for anything bad in her life and seeks retribution for what she calls the slightest bit of disrespect. I think I'm right on target with you.
    Insert comment that was not posted due to moderation (exact)
    Major Sunshine:  Okay... let's tally up the "Insult Score" and who is so very vile and unrefined:I've excluded Dazee's insults and my insults to her from these statistics.  If she has more to say, she can say it.But just between you (Mad Mind) and me, here's the score sheet:
    Major Sunshine:  1. You have no business in this conversation2. You use a different dictionary3. You lack decorum4. You make false assumptions5. You're a bad judge of character (several times)6. You may be a member of the WBC7. You've made several nasty comments 
    Mad Mind:1. I lacked good female role models2. I have low self-esteem3. I lash out4. I'm unhappy5. I only focus on the negative6. I refuse to let others vent7. I lack respect8. I'm a stalker (several times)9. I can't handle rejection10. I blame others for my problems11. I lack decorum12. I had bad parents13. I don't understand boundaries14. I don't know when to stop15. I'm miserable16. I'm small-minded17. I'm vile (my personal favorite)18. I need to learn a few things (don't we all?)19. I obviously have no life20. All I can do is come up with retorts21. I'm a bad judge of character22. I'm punish others for their opinions23. I must have the last word24. I seek retribution for being shown disrespect
    I think that pretty much sums it up.  Feel free to point out any I might have missed because I think I've got a lot of wiggle room.Now tell me again how you're such a better person than me?  Please!  I'm dying to hear how vile YOU think I am!
    And the more you come back the more I laugh. Why? You are proving my point.

    Insert comment that was not posted due to moderation: (exact)
    Major Sunshine:  The truth is, in your own mind you will have proved your point regardless of whether I come back or walk away.  It doesn't matter if I sit down quietly and eat your B.S. properly with a spoon or if I speak up and say you're wrong.  Either way you will feel your point has been proven.
    So I intend to continue to do whichever suits me in the moment.  Currently, it suits me to point out how you totally avoided the topic of the many insults it was OKAY for you to sling.  Sounds a bit hypocritical but what do I know!  I do have soooo much to learn!


  1. You forgot, you have bad parents. You have current custody of the RED Jar.. may I suggest you have a conversation with your father about his lack of parenting skills.. lol

    1. If this ends up in the wrong place, I appologize profusely. I'm trying to reply the The Queen's comment.

      I'll have you know I've already had a long conversation with the red jar about his 'poor parenting skills' and he said, "Well Jesus Christ! You kept it between the ditches didn't you?"

      I have no witty retort for that. We haven't put 'er in the ditch yet!

  2. Both of you, practice what you preach. Stay away from my blog. Queenie, you told me to delete your blog, your life, your fb, your texts, your phone number. You said, and I quote, "delete everything of mine". I have done that. So just stay away from mine.

    Last time I checked, it was my blog. I can do, say, and moderate any comment I want. That is not censorship. That is my free will. So say all you want on this blog, or queenies blog, or amy j's blog. I could give a crap. I don't come read them. I only came here because the freak sent me the link.

    Go ahead and trash me all you want. Just know one thing. I have a very good memory of things that were said to me in private. I, unlike you, keep all things told to me in confidence, to myself. If they only knew the real you.

    1. Um,, I'm not sure what you are talking about.. could you please send me a link to that.. thanks..

    2. and you missed a couple.. Dutch had a few things to say.. if you care to start a war with her too. Several of the people you deleted from your friends list have access to my Queen's account since I allow guest blogging on there now. Most of them were dear friends of yours that had no idea why you suddenly unfriended them.. so if you got links.. might be that you hurt them. You're kind of telling this story in a slanted way. You are making it out that once again you are a poor victim and you need others to come to your defense. That makes me very sad, since when you are on your game and blogging the way you did when I first met you, you were one of my favorite reads. However, these games you've been playing are so not what you were when we all met you. Hide for six months, stick your head out.. poke a stick at someone, run and hide.. Not the "I'll get my ball bat out!" image you put out there for all of us to see. No friendship will last when it's built on an image that is fake. You my dear, turned out to be a pretty fake friend. It was all about you and your needs. That's why the Royals called you before the counsel and asked you to shape up.. you CHOSE to ship out. You can't come back months later and blame us for it. While you delete EVERYTHING that does not fit your image. We leave it all out there for the world to read.. Tells me who has something to hide from their readers.! My blog flat out says.. BOOKS, BOOZE AND A BITCH.. so if anyone comes there and gets offended.. well.. they are too stupid to read the warning label at the top of the site..